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Brooklyn is one of NYC's 5 boroughs. Being gentrified like crazy, but also home to some of the shittiest, most ghetto, black neighborhoods in the whole country Brownsville, Flatbush, East New York, Bed Stuy. The other neighborhoods are mostly Russian or Hasidic Jewish ghettos. Theres also Coney Island, the shittiest amusement park ever concieved.
Wanna move to Brooklyn?

I rather plant my face in a pigs ass.
by Excadrill August 19, 2011
3 10
Really high from smoking weed.
Last night, we had some killer bud and got really Brooklyn.
by marley74 July 06, 2010
2 9
A bowling move which involves hitting the front pin on the left side.
I keep making Brooklyn shots today.
by fabulousness July 10, 2008
4 13
someone who constantly talks about themselves and is annoying as fuck; can be used as an adjective
person 1: all she does is talk about her life
person 2: she is such a brooklyn
by fed upppppp October 05, 2010
5 16
a term used by patten when bowling. often confused with jersey style. corrected by sam.
its brooklyn, you fuck!
by kelso victo January 20, 2009
0 13
The red gargoyle from Disney's Gargoyles. Most favored of them all.
Brooklyn is kinda cute.
by CheapAlert October 02, 2003
55 70
Brooklyn : a backstabbing friend who uses you. Can never be trusted with anything. Example: you tell her who you like , and the next day she goes and starts flirting with them and acts like nothings wrong. Shes a b****... and always will be. be careful of her.
Stay away from that BROOKLYN.. shes only here to cause trouble.
by cant breathe May 02, 2011
1 17