Don't forget, one of Brooklyn's famous slogans is "The Borough of Churches". There are many spiritual people that reside in Brooklyn, dispelling the popular opinion that it is the home of gangstas. Take a drive down Ocean or Eastern Parkways on Saturday evening and observe the Orthodox Jews celebrating the Sabbath with their families. Even in so called ghetto areas, Church is still the place to be on Sunday. Storefront churches of all stripes abound on every street. Truly, the heart and soul of Brooklyn is in its spiritual community.
Brooklyn is famous for being known the world over as New York City's Borough of Churches.
by Motorinstructor October 24, 2009
I have lived in brooklyn all my life and i love it. maybe because it is the only home ive ever known but seriously it is bitchin!

Another reason I love it is because it is THE BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!!!!!

(except for maybe Italy.. that shit is nice!)

Its a better place to live then most of mannhaten.. nah who am i kidden manhaten is amazing! hmm... maybe i should move to mannhaten... NO WAIT! BACK TO BROOKLYN

i love brooklyn and ...... yah..... it rocks!

Al Capone lived in Brooklyn... how could it NOT be cool?

person1: I like mannhaten better then brooklyn

guy comes out of nowhere and shoots person1 in the head

person1's wife: what the hell?!?!?!

guy: Im Al Capone, im in charge of real estate in brooklyn... BROOKLYN ROCKS!
by bitchinbrooklyn September 06, 2009
A name for a very special person. You will never meet anyone else like her. She is quiet around those who she doesn't know but if she does know you, then you are lucky because you get to see every part of her. The one closest to her will know her at her worst and her best but regardless of what happenes, that person will still love her. She comes from a troubled past and people make fun of her because Brooklyn is a trashy place in New York. She puts up with it because she knows that she has something that the others don't. She has a life worth living and she won't stop until she lives hers to the fullest. The includes breaking the rules here and there ;)
I wish I was lucky to have Brooklyn in my life.
by Jblrwis April 29, 2016
performing miscellaneous sexual tasks while blacked out drunk
...yo I pulled a brooklyn today.
by hahahahayearight October 03, 2010
Loves getting fucked intensely, enjoys meetings with multiple men at the same time. True to the heart
Dude, seriously? why did you have to be a Brooklyn?
by Aokiji67 May 25, 2015
A term in bowling used to describe a strike that was made by hitting the opposite pocket. (If you're right handed by hitting the left pocket, vice versa)
Was that strike he just threw a brooklyn?
by WHOtheOx June 13, 2006
Brooklyn is one of NYC's 5 boroughs. Being gentrified like crazy, but also home to some of the shittiest, most ghetto, black neighborhoods in the whole country Brownsville, Flatbush, East New York, Bed Stuy. The other neighborhoods are mostly Russian or Hasidic Jewish ghettos. Theres also Coney Island, the shittiest amusement park ever concieved.
Wanna move to Brooklyn?

I rather plant my face in a pigs ass.
by Excadrill August 19, 2011
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