Home of the best.
Better than Atlanta in every way possible.
Yo, where would you rather live, Brooklyn or Atlanta?
by mishmishmish February 23, 2010
Brooklyn is the nicest girl you could ever meet. She's sweet, caring, and loving. She is very beautiful & has a nice body. She doesn't take any bs. She's a loyal girlfriend. A little freaky in the bed. She will stay by your side no matter what. She is smart. She'll love you through to the end of time if you treat her right. Brooklyn as girlfriend or friend is something you wanna have.
I love you brooklyn.
by guesswho ? March 09, 2014
I've read some of the definitions and they are complete bullshit. 1st of, Brooklyn in not 99.9% black and the rest aren't rich russian kids or italians(there are some). its not all ghettos you fucking retards. not everyone is part of a mafia or acts like they are. and not all white kids are wiggers. nationally and internationally known, its a great place to live and i wouldn't want to live anywhere else. diverse place with every race and culture on the planet somewhere in it. don't act you know brooklyn unless you've actually been here.
A: brooklyn is such a shithole, its all balck people trying to kill each other and the rest in white people in with the mob
B: you are fucking retarded, obviously you hae never been there and you're just going off some fucking shit you've heard about it. get out of the fucking midwest and come here
by xtremlylucky April 19, 2011
The greatest place on earth.Home to blacks,latinos,italians,russians, and many more. Doesn't matter what race you are cause there is many different races.
Many places are ghetto(like crownheights)but there is also non-ghetto parts(like bensonhurst)so dont be to quick to judge.
Brooklyn is awesome
by bkpizza February 08, 2011
brooklyn is love.
if your not chill,trendy, a hipster and happy you don't belong in brooklyn
by iperfertoeataflan February 22, 2011
Don't forget, one of Brooklyn's famous slogans is "The Borough of Churches". There are many spiritual people that reside in Brooklyn, dispelling the popular opinion that it is the home of gangstas. Take a drive down Ocean or Eastern Parkways on Saturday evening and observe the Orthodox Jews celebrating the Sabbath with their families. Even in so called ghetto areas, Church is still the place to be on Sunday. Storefront churches of all stripes abound on every street. Truly, the heart and soul of Brooklyn is in its spiritual community.
Brooklyn is famous for being known the world over as New York City's Borough of Churches.
by Motorinstructor October 24, 2009
I have lived in brooklyn all my life and i love it. maybe because it is the only home ive ever known but seriously it is bitchin!

Another reason I love it is because it is THE BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!!!!!

(except for maybe Italy.. that shit is nice!)

Its a better place to live then most of mannhaten.. nah who am i kidden manhaten is amazing! hmm... maybe i should move to mannhaten... NO WAIT! BACK TO BROOKLYN

i love brooklyn and ...... yah..... it rocks!

Al Capone lived in Brooklyn... how could it NOT be cool?

person1: I like mannhaten better then brooklyn

guy comes out of nowhere and shoots person1 in the head

person1's wife: what the hell?!?!?!

guy: Im Al Capone, im in charge of real estate in brooklyn... BROOKLYN ROCKS!
by bitchinbrooklyn September 06, 2009

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