perfect. she is super pretty and amazing and all the guys want her. She is very important. And is strong.
Everyone should be like that Brooklyn Girl.
by 53671Lis5 December 30, 2014
New York Borough

The origin of the name Brooklyn is American

From the Dutch town name Breukelen, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Anglicized to Brookland and then Brooklyn
Hey there Brooklyn! Hows it going? Whats up Brooklyn?
by brooklynfred June 09, 2008
brooklyn the greatist place in tha world bitchis if u dont live here that sucks
tims for my holigins in brooklyn
tha brooklyn shit we on it
brooklny we back on tha map
by will August 11, 2004
Fucking sexy as hell. Always bright. Athletic and funny. Sometimes cruel and is always down to earth. Amazing at everything. GOOD IN BED! She is the type of girl you never want to let go. Fuck her while you can before the next guy does. But don't fuck with her because she will knock you the fuck out. She is the most lovable girl ever.
Brooklyn is just plain amazing; simple as that BITCH.
by DiiiickLiiiiicker May 12, 2011
Brooklyn is a true friend and an even truer lover, she will give you her heart and love you for eternity, if you ever betray a betray a Brooklyn you can kiss your chances with her goodbye, she hates being betrayed. She a thoughtful compassionate intelligent badass with beautiful big blue eyes that you'll never forget, you wont want to forget, shes fit and has a pretty face and body. Her giggle is a worth a billion dollars and is the cutest thing ever. Shes a cool girl with a great sense of humor and loves to have fun especially with the one she cares about. Shes modest and always puts herself last and isn't afraid to admit shes a little weird because it makes her special. If you ever find a Brooklyn make her feel loved and appreciated everyday and treat her right, she is the perfect woman. I live my life for her everyday waiting for the day ill see her again.
whenever Brooklyn giggles I get butterflies in my stomach
The future is the moldable present - Brooklyn
by invisbleman March 29, 2015
everyone wants to be from brooklyn
LI kid: hey my fam moved out here from the city two generations ago
kid 2: from where?
LI kid: the bron-i mean brooklyn
kid 2: yeah right man you ain't cool enough!
by longislandsound December 23, 2009
Brooklyn is a term that describes the coolest area to be in any city or metropolis.
- Oneville is a brooklyn of Providence (RI).
- Oakland is a brooklyn of San Fransisco.
by ubersee April 30, 2010

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