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A sexy mofo that is the nicest girl ever, she is such a good friend that will always have your back, all the guys are after brooklyn and most girls are jelous of her. Brooklyn is very popular but she is still such a kind person. If you know a brooklyn you should always stay by her side cause she will definatly have your back.
"I'm so glad that im friends with brooklyn"
"omg brooklyn is so popular"
"dude brooklyn is so hot"
by macc69 October 13, 2012
I've read some of the definitions and they are complete bullshit. 1st of, Brooklyn in not 99.9% black and the rest aren't rich russian kids or italians(there are some). its not all ghettos you fucking retards. not everyone is part of a mafia or acts like they are. and not all white kids are wiggers. nationally and internationally known, its a great place to live and i wouldn't want to live anywhere else. diverse place with every race and culture on the planet somewhere in it. don't act you know brooklyn unless you've actually been here.
A: brooklyn is such a shithole, its all balck people trying to kill each other and the rest in white people in with the mob
B: you are fucking retarded, obviously you hae never been there and you're just going off some fucking shit you've heard about it. get out of the fucking midwest and come here
by xtremlylucky April 19, 2011
Home of the best.
Better than Atlanta in every way possible.
Yo, where would you rather live, Brooklyn or Atlanta?
by mishmishmish February 23, 2010
The coolest chick in the world that is silly but absolutely caring in many ways! Likes country activities! Likes fun with friends! Likes taking pictures! Is shy at first, but once you get to know her she is one cool chick! She is a friend, truly worth having!
Guy 1: Hey, you've been hanging out with Brooklyn?

Guy 2: Yeah, man, she is so cool!
by astech July 31, 2013
Brooklyn is hot. Don't you agree?
by El Haqiqa December 28, 2011
The most amazing girl in the world. Shes funny, smart and loves cows. she knows a lot of inside jokes and i love her so much shes my bestie and lab biology sister XD
"Hey do you know Brooklyn?"
"YES She's amazing and funny I luv her!"
by ShowtyLizzyLuvzChu15 October 10, 2011
The greatest place on earth.Home to blacks,latinos,italians,russians, and many more. Doesn't matter what race you are cause there is many different races.
Many places are ghetto(like crownheights)but there is also non-ghetto parts(like bensonhurst)so dont be to quick to judge.
Brooklyn is awesome
by bkpizza February 08, 2011