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After reading all of the disgustingly inaccurate definitions above, I thought that it was about time for someone who knows what they are talking about to write. Now, I may not live there, but Broooklyn, while it is home to some not so great neighborhoods, also is home to three of the top ten richest people in the world, a multitude of respectable, rich, Academy Award winning actors, many famous artists, and Saint Ann's, which is considered the best and most exclusive High School in the country. Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and Park Slope, are full of rich, multi-racial (but the majority is white) celebrities and businessmen, with children who are models and only wear clothing that is over $150. There are also many specialty boutiques, in which only haute couture is sold. To say that Brooklyn houses the worst and most violent neighborhoods in NYC, is purely inaccurate. What about the Bronx, Harlem, Lower East Side, areas around Delancy Street, and Little Somalia, which in the heart of Manhatten is considered the most dangerous neighborhood in New York. The inaccuracys of the above definitions is appaling. Please, if you have any NYC pride, just throw your diamonds up.
Sarah Jessica Parker lives on my block.
Gweneth Paltrow is moving to mine.
Where do you guys live?
Brooklyn.... Duh.
by Gossip Girl June 16, 2005

Bath Beach
Bay Ridge
Bergen Beach
Boerum Hill
Borough Park
Brighton Beach
Broadway Junction
Brooklyn Heights
Carroll Gardens
City Line
Clinton Hill
Cobble Hill
Coney Island
Crown Heights
Cypress Hills
Ditmas Park
Downtown Brooklyn
Dyker Heights
East Flatbush
East New York
Fort Greene
Fort Hamilton
Fulton Ferry
Gerritsen Beach
Highland Park
Manhattan Beach
Marine Park
Mill Basin
New Lots
Ocean Hill
Ocean Parkway
Paerdegat Basin
Park Slope
Plum Beach
Prospect Heights
Prospect Lefferts Gardens
Prospect Park South
Red Hook
Remsen Village
Sea Gate
Sheepshead Bay
Spring Creek
Sunset Park
Vinegar Hill
Windsor Terrace
Brooklyn is da hoodest borough in da NYC!!! BROOKLYN STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG-UP TO ALL YA'LL BROOKLYNERS.
All the hottest ppl 4rm BROOKLYN,
mess wit someone 4rm BROOKLYN and get cut.
WE "DON'T" mess when it come to ppl all up in our face..
SO before u mess wit someone 4rm BROOKLYN think twice!!!!
AND to all my homiez that ppl be hatin on just tell them
DON'T 4GET!!!!!!!!
by SHANICE B. May 23, 2008
Made famous by the guys of 1753 at James Madison University. Brooklyn is arguably the greatest drinking game of all time. It is the one true drinking game that will have you pants-shitting drunk(GQ) from start to finish.

Materials Needed:
An abundance of Beer, 3 small drinking glasses(each should be filled and refilled with just enough for a quick swig of beer), two shot glasses, 15-20 quarters, a quality "quarter-bouncing" table, several PT's(paper towels), and a few DB's just for fun.

How to Play:
Sitting around a table you will start by placing the shot glasses on opposite sides of the table. You will begin shooting the quaters into the shot glasses. If you hit your first shot then you have the freedom to pass the shot glass to the right OR to the left. Anytime after your first shot you must pass the shot glass to your LEFT. If you cross your neighbors shot glass before he makes his quarter then he must drink from one of the three glasses in the middle of the table. The person drinking cannot shoot his quarter until he completes the glass. The point is to continue crossing your neighbor multiple times to cause a BTT(Brooklyns Too Tuff) where then that person is eliminated from the game and likely running for the hills to release his/her dinner.
"I want to sit in the hotseat, Brooklyn cant handle me"

"Oh Justin's done mark it in the book"


"Cottage Cheese"
by Justin Reiske February 10, 2008
by far the coolest place on earth home of the greates rappers to ever hit the scene and can kick and bitches ass from compton LA oakland or any of that shit walk through brownsville at night and well see whose hard
I grew up in Marine Park bROOKLYN 718!
by what upp July 21, 2006
Most populated borough in the City of New York (over 2 million)...Located at the extreme southernmost end of the tract of land that makes up Long Island...Was once a separate city before NYC was consolidated in the late 19th Century...Home to intense hip-hop, rap, urban art, trends, city fashion, etc...Almost like Ireland...two million living inside Brooklyn, and about ten million outside of it...singing/rapping about it!
(1)I'm goin' home to BROOKLYN...

(2)Yeah...don't be surprised...the place has changed...
by Graffilthier May 23, 2008
One of the very best cities in America abs THE best borough in New York. Home of very famous rappers, actors, movies, fashions etc.Known to be one of the harshest boroughs in NY (depending where you are in New York) Consist of many Blacks, Italians and Jews but you can find almost any race or nationality in Brooklyn. The city has been mention in many famous popular songs & books. Basically a very popular city in USA.
All the best come from BROOKLYN!
by Brooklyn native February 22, 2009
Hands down the nicest place on Earth. Statistically speaking, one of the most culturally diverse places in the world. You will find African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and many other races. Many narrow-minded people like to think that Brooklyn is made up mostly of ghettos, but that is completely false. Look at Mill Basin, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope. They're several of the richest areas in the five boroughs. That's what makes BK so unique, because there are ghettos, suburb places, and fine luxurious areas. There are neighborhoods that are so diverse it's placing this borough as a prime example of a microcosm of the world.

Countless number of famous people from actors to ballplayers to rappers to politicians and to scholars are from Brooklyn. (Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy, Joe Torre, Willie Randolph, Vince Lombardi, Larry King, Spike Lee, Carmelo Anthony, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Papoose....the list goes on and on).

There is also a deep history with Brooklyn. Simply the culture of Brooklyn is so diverse and crossing-over that there is almost too much to cover. The Brooklyn style (or culture) is composed of every culture, leaving it as a unique style itself. That's why you'll hear many people say, "There's only one Brooklyn" or "Brooklyn is the place to be!". From it's pizza to the music to the streets to the bars and to the clothing fashion, there is truly no other place like Brooklyn.
"I grew up in Brooklyn. 'Nuff said."
-Johnny Kelly

“He's pretty easygoing, a real Brooklyn guy.”
-Carol Moran

"You don't experience New York until you experience Brooklyn"
-Marty Markowitz

"You've never been to Brooklyn? You visited Mexico, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Argentina, and many other places in the world, but you have never visited Brooklyn? Man, that's like going to a bar and not drinking..."
-Jimmy Gillows

"You may see on the map that there exists several places in the US named 'Brooklyn'. I only know one Brooklyn"
-Vince Lombardi

"You don't know the definition of diversity unless you've been to Brooklyn"
-Billy Yung
by BK to the fullest July 17, 2009