Do you like rap? Do you like to wear pants that look like garbage bags? Do you like to act like your in a gang just because you live in a certain area, even though your parents purchase those stylish garbage bag pants? If your a hustler or wanna be tough guy, come to Brooklyn. Everyone in the whole damn borough acts as if they are either in the mafia, working for the mafia, knows the mafia through a friend, makes coffee in the bagel store for the mafia, and can get you killed with his connections. If they dont think that, then they think they are in a continuous rap video, rapping to themselves aloud, looking like they are developmentally disabled. The borough of kings isn't all that bad though. There are few spots where you can score some crack/methanphetamine and five dollar russian/asian prostitutes if you choose to. IF you are a out of towner and looking to visit, stay in Flatbush, or Bedstye..those are the finer areas to visit.
Drug Epidemics and the high crime rates that go along with it
by Teddy Lagoon March 24, 2005
brooklyn guy is gay he aint from brooklyn he lives up in ottisville and milks cows bensonhurst is mostly italian but has no more racial conflicts so get your mind rite!
say word brooklyns finest east 5th and ft hamilton represent!!!!!!!!!!
by dom November 20, 2004
Term used to describe people who live outside of New York City, such as Conneticut and pretend to act hard or tough as though they are from Brooklyn, but in all truthfulness, nothing more then a poser.
That dumbass in the corner, is a total Brooklyn. Talking like he is a tough shit and grew up in the hood, but he is from Conneticut.
by R to the J April 22, 2006
is a pretty messed up borough of NYC! but its also my first name! yes it is, at least i can get a lot of shirts with my name on them. v.v
Bob: Hey who's that girl?
Bill: Oh that's Brooklyn.
Bob: Hah! What, was she born there?
Bill: Nah, I guess her mom just has a sense of humor!
by brooklynnnn December 03, 2005
Brooklyn is the southernmost area of Baltimore, Maryland. It is best known for mixed couples, drug users and sellers and, people on Welfare. There are a few decent people there though
The City side is Brooklyn

The County side is Brooklyn Park

Both Areas are violent!
by f-40 July 16, 2004
Annoying city on western Long Island where white kids living in suburban neighborhoods live their day-to-day lives under the strange delusion that they are residents of New York City. They typically brag about their place of residence, believing it to be the only "real" place on the planet (as though other cities somehow are less existent.) They groan and moan that letting Kings County be annexed by NYC was the "Great Mistake", yet they desperately try to be Manhattan and go to embarrasing ends (wearing pants that look like garbage bags) to accomplish that futile task.

Face it, Brooklyn wiggers: Harlem was a "ghetto" long before Flatbush!
It's "Brooklyn NY" NOT "New York NY"
"718" NOT "212"
"Kings County" NOT "New York County"
"112--" NOT "100--"
by Johnny X. June 19, 2005
If you're not in a filthy ghetto, you're surrounded by some of the stupidest "rich white kids" in the world, usually Italian or Russian.

Brooklyn is full of drug dealers, wiggers, and sweet sweet statutory rape. If you're a 20 year-old loser who can't get pussy your own age, come to Brooklyn (or Staten Island, the country's garbage dump) and find a loose, insecure 14 year-old whose parents beat her every night, and she's yours for the taking. You'll find dirty old men honking their horns at girls young enough to be their daughters hoping that they'll enter their car and suck them off in a dark alley somewhere.

Watch filthy animals drink their lives away and drop out of high school to earn their G.E.D and maybe enroll in the closest community college so they can live in their parents' house until they turn 25 all the while taking care of they baby mama's child they had together when he was 17.

Watch the dregs of society delude themselves into thinking their lives have any meaning, when in reality they're doomed to either flipping burgers or dealing crack.

Geez, they can't even get good drugs in Brooklyn. Brooklyn S-U-C-K-S.
A: He got arrested for fucking a 12 year-old.
B: How old was he?
A: 22.
B: Where?
A: Brooklyn, of course!
B: Wow. Hey, let's go buy some cheap weed laced with rat poison and go clubbin!
A: And hook up with that hot 6th grader!
by I Heart NY January 16, 2005
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