Hands down the nicest place on Earth. Statistically speaking, one of the most culturally diverse places in the world. You will find African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and many other races. Many narrow-minded people like to think that Brooklyn is made up mostly of ghettos, but that is completely false. Look at Mill Basin, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope. They're several of the richest areas in the five boroughs. That's what makes BK so unique, because there are ghettos, suburb places, and fine luxurious areas. There are neighborhoods that are so diverse it's placing this borough as a prime example of a microcosm of the world.

Countless number of famous people from actors to ballplayers to rappers to politicians and to scholars are from Brooklyn. (Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy, Joe Torre, Willie Randolph, Vince Lombardi, Larry King, Spike Lee, Carmelo Anthony, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Papoose....the list goes on and on).

There is also a deep history with Brooklyn. Simply the culture of Brooklyn is so diverse and crossing-over that there is almost too much to cover. The Brooklyn style (or culture) is composed of every culture, leaving it as a unique style itself. That's why you'll hear many people say, "There's only one Brooklyn" or "Brooklyn is the place to be!". From it's pizza to the music to the streets to the bars and to the clothing fashion, there is truly no other place like Brooklyn.
"I grew up in Brooklyn. 'Nuff said."
-Johnny Kelly

“He's pretty easygoing, a real Brooklyn guy.”
-Carol Moran

"You don't experience New York until you experience Brooklyn"
-Marty Markowitz

"You've never been to Brooklyn? You visited Mexico, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Argentina, and many other places in the world, but you have never visited Brooklyn? Man, that's like going to a bar and not drinking..."
-Jimmy Gillows

"You may see on the map that there exists several places in the US named 'Brooklyn'. I only know one Brooklyn"
-Vince Lombardi

"You don't know the definition of diversity unless you've been to Brooklyn"
-Billy Yung
by BK to the fullest July 17, 2009
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Best borough of NYC. The home of many greats; rappers, actors, singers, loactions for great movies, pizza, nail places, hair salons, etc.
Bklynz da shit man :)
by ...JeSSiCa... April 09, 2004
One of 5 boroughs of NYC.

Bath Beach
Bay Ridge
Bergen Beach
Boerum Hill
Borough Park
Brighton Beach
Broadway Junction
Brooklyn Heights
Carroll Gardens
City Line
Clinton Hill
Cobble Hill
Coney Island
Crown Heights
Cypress Hills
Ditmas Park
Downtown Brooklyn
Dyker Heights
East Flatbush
East New York
Fort Greene
Fort Hamilton
Fulton Ferry
Gerritsen Beach
Highland Park
Manhattan Beach
Marine Park
Mill Basin
New Lots
Ocean Hill
Ocean Parkway
Paerdegat Basin
Park Slope
Plum Beach
Prospect Heights
Prospect Lefferts Gardens
Prospect Park South
Red Hook
Remsen Village
Sea Gate
Sheepshead Bay
Spring Creek
Sunset Park
Vinegar Hill
Windsor Terrace
Brooklyn is da hoodest borough in da NYC!!!
by GAME50 October 12, 2005
-the greatest borough of nyc
-endless things to do
-the coolest place in the u.s.
-great place for rap
-one of the most diverse places in the world:
Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Italians, Jews, Arabs, Russians and anyone else all living in the best place on earth
Brooklyn is da shizznit and kicks the other boroughs asses
by crissant June 22, 2006
A place where all the ill people live...hiphop,fashion,and a whole lots of shit..
look on the map bitch!!
by azure November 29, 2003
One of the most amazing girls you will ever meet in your life time. She is super sweet and caring and will do anything for the people she cares about. Boys cant help but to fall in love with her sense of humor and her drop dead looks. Brooklyns are also talented and smart and good at all the things they do.
Guy 1: Holy look at that chick over there!
Guy 2: Dude that HAS to be a Brooklyn!
by Kantiliium April 10, 2010
Despite what a lot of the other definitions say, Brooklyn is not merely a county of posers. Also home to the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, the previous home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and housing one of the 'Big Three' in New York City specialized Highschools, the specialized Brooklyn Technical Highschool. Originally a seperate city, remainants of it's former name and occupation linger in names of streets and areas like 'Kings Highway' and 'Kings Plaza'. One of the boroughs to use the area code 718. Culturally diverse, it has neighborhoods where the predominating background is easily evident in the signage, the population, and the overall atmosphere.
A. There is more to Brooklyn then poser gangasters and 'garbage bag pants'.

B. Brooklyn Tech Highschool stands up there with Stuyvesant and Bronx Science!

C. Let's go hang out at Kings Highway after school!

D. It's like a Russian Chinatown in this area... every sign is in Russian!
by Liz November 16, 2005
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