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The Dublin term used for a generally undesirable ruffian also refered to as Chav or Skanger. A Boyra can be found in various locations such as alleys, flats, bushes, and working class areas. A boyra usually travells around in packs where the group is then refered to as "The Boyras" or simply just "The Boys"
Posh boy1: Damien i believe that rough bloke is a boyra

Posh boy2: Yes i believe so too. In fact there is another boyra right beside him so now we shall refer to them as the boyras.
by Yerowlwan October 26, 2009
Term used to describe a person or group who have little or no social life and tend to spend excessive amounts of time standing in one place.It also refers to a person or group acting inapropriatly and causing embarrassment to those around him.The term itself is from irish folkloir and can be traced throughout irish mythology,it was generally used as a way of insulting someone and today,can be found while describing socially unacceptable behaviour from a person or group.
"did you see Mick last night,he was in an aweful state"
"ye I know he was acting the boyra alrite"
by gealts February 23, 2010
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