Tough, hard lad!
i dont wanna mess wid u!
by matt baker November 27, 2003
I've recently read 'Angela's Ashes' a autobiography or memoir written by Frank McCourt and Irish author. Within said book is a sex scene in which Frank takes off all his clothes and gets and erection, his partner looks at him and says "Lord, you might be a scrawny bit of a fellow but that's a fine boyo you have there". This leads me to believe that in the 1930's in Ireland, more specifically Limerick Boyo was a slang term for a penis.
That's a fine boyo you have there
by Timothy Dangleboxers May 29, 2008
*looks up* its welsh duuuuuur. not irish!
my names Al-an and im from Way-els boyo!
by Pretty Vacant May 17, 2004
1. Noun. Boyo is slang for boy or lad or mate. Used mostly by English, Irish and Welsh males. (Maybe by the Scottish as well; but who can understand what those cunts are saying?) In the plural format, boyos can refer to a woman's breasts, especially if they are of immodest size.
You're some boyo, ya cunt ya, pissin' all over that poor girl's closet.

Boy oh boy oh boy. Check out the boyos on yer one over there. A man could sprain a wrist.

My mother has some set of boyos on her.

Sis, bring out the boyos for the lads.

Mum, I'm thirsty. Take out the boyos and give us some tit.
by Mr. Moustache November 11, 2006
Irish slang for a big hard-on.
" might be a scrawny bit of a fellow, but that's a fine boyo you have there."
by safety-pin-up girl December 06, 2004
To have a Boyo is To have a Wank.
"My Goodness, that was a great Boyo."
by Tobijas Harrison-Line May 07, 2007
Macc slang, A boyo is someone who u must give respect to. someone who is safe and is normally in a group
yea i was just chillin with my boyos, bunnin a few smokes and getting fully blazed man.
by Baz June 18, 2004

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