1. Noun. Boyo is slang for boy or lad or mate. Used mostly by English, Irish and Welsh males. (Maybe by the Scottish as well; but who can understand what those cunts are saying?) In the plural format, boyos can refer to a woman's breasts, especially if they are of immodest size.
You're some boyo, ya cunt ya, pissin' all over that poor girl's closet.

Boy oh boy oh boy. Check out the boyos on yer one over there. A man could sprain a wrist.

My mother has some set of boyos on her.

Sis, bring out the boyos for the lads.

Mum, I'm thirsty. Take out the boyos and give us some tit.
by Mr. Moustache November 11, 2006
Top Definition
Boyo is supposed to be a Welsh saying for a friend or mate, but i've never heard anyone in Wales say it!!!

The only people i hear saying it are Enlgish people trying to take the piss!

Ususally putting on a really bad accent, that sounds more Indian in origin than Welsh!
English guy: All right boyo?

Welshman: Yeah fine, err, why are you putting on that Indian accent?
by Tom........ March 28, 2007
another word for a male friend; a bastardization of boy.
Me: Hey, BOYO, what the haps, man?
Friend: Nada, absolutely nada.
by Cherie Nelson May 23, 2005
An old Irish term meaning good friend or Brother.
"Wats up boyo." or "Hey boyo wheres the fight."
by C-Wade November 08, 2007
The term "boyo" is a part of "Wenglish" (Welsh-English) that has simply grown from a Welsh take on the English word "boy". Although perhaps not widely used today, it is used to address someone, not necessarily young, frequently with negative connotations.
What ya doing there, boyo? (A non-welsh person to a welsh person (both grown men)).
by Brynly Jones August 18, 2006
It's a slang Cork pronoun. Cork is a place in Ireland where they all talk incomprehensibly, and anyone from the rest of the country just nods, smiles and backs away.
"A'right boyo, didja see the langer o'er there like?"


Hello there you, did you see that nasty person over there?
by Sean December 09, 2004
Young irish lads( boys, teens), Male band group...
Thr cop was heard saying "keep an eye on them boyos"...as the y gathered near the gate...........The boyos will have to come up with a Patriots song for the SuperBowl......
by Sheepstealer January 23, 2012
The balls of a man. Thats all you need to know. Own them before its too late. The male body part also known as a scrotum. It contains two of the most important body parts that any man in this world would never want to lose. Origin of this word is from Canada specifically from the capital.
She really has his boyos in her hand. (Whipped)
Man I got kicked in the boyos.
The squirrel like his boyos.
by YoWHoDAT?? September 19, 2011

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