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This list was developed identical to the Sex Offenders List in order to give the public an opportunity to know which men (I mean boys) have satisfied the criteria of a Boyfriend Offender.

Cheat (sex or otherwise including emotional cheating)
Abuse (physical and / or emotional)
Use (monetary or otherwise)
Drugs (including marijuana, opium, or any other plant)
Alcohol (excessive - everyday)
Feminine (characteristics of a girl - scared, pussy, etc.)
Small (if you know what I mean)

It only takes one of the criteria to make the Boyfriend Offenders List. Although; and depending on how many girls he has offended, he's liable to make the list several times when said actions are repeated to different girls. As a result, we can detect when a trend is happening and lower the potential of future relationship "Surprise! I'm an asshole." situations. Ultimately, exposing and weeding out bad boyfriends for the purpose of giving the good guys a fair shot.
by purplebubblegum:) October 18, 2010
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