An exclamation of triumph used best when shouted through the halls in inner-city schools. Synonym for "woohoo!"
Boyd! I won the game!
by Jenny May 15, 2004
To, despite the trials and efforts of a large group of people, have the whole thing botched by one or a small group of idiots.
for examples of a Boyd, see:
Dredd Scott decision
2001-2008 presidency
by Anonickymous July 03, 2008
to make a really loud, girlish squeaky noise when a co worker chokes you out.
When the breakdancer chocked him, he "boyd"
by superstar10181980 April 01, 2009
when you get annoyed you shout out boyd as a way to express your feelings
e.g when i was loading this page took ages so i shouted
awwww boyd or ohhh boyd!!!!!!!!!!!! e.g doing an impossible bit on a video game and you get to the final bit and die you exclaime awwwww boyd!!!!!
by dunces of hull June 29, 2007
1. The Emperor of all Chickens.
2. A man who F^(#$ chickens.
3. A wizard who can't do crap.
"Put down that rooster, Boyd!"
by avatar_neb April 30, 2005

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