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A person who has a unatural obcession for having sex either:

With boyband music/video playing in the background
infront of a live boyband/ or at a concert

People who have a boyband fetish usually are gays who are in the closet, they are overly prone to rage and anger towards their friends usually kneeing viciously in the balls.Most come from the Houten regis area.
Liam:I can't wait to see Take-That live.
Unnamed:Yeah aren't you taking your boy-friend?
Liam:Just because she looks like a man doesn't mean she is!
Unnamed:Whatever,along as she fufills your boy-band fetish!
Liam:What did you say?
Liam:You c*nt! (Knees viciously)
Unnamed:Yeah, I wear a cup now ..

. . . but damn it still hurts!

by Eisel Dier April 01, 2007
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