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Somebody who has a boyband addiction is basicaly someone with a boyband fetish who can't get a man,woman or tranny, so they can't perform intercourse to the croonings of West-life.Instead they wank over boybands music videos and pictures, listening to boyband music and reading boyband interviews get them sexually aroused.

Signs of Boyband addiction include:
- A Vast collection of Westlife,boyzone and take that Cds.
- A subscription to smash hits magazine.
- Wearing a tank tops in front of other men.
- Dog tags.
- A subscription the The Box
- Serveral sticky copies of westlife's greatest hits and smash hits magazine under their bed.(c'mon blantantly obivious)
- And reading/watching anything that includes Louis walsh.

Aimie:So me and Liam ended up in bed, last night.
Cousin:Did you show your cock?
Aimie:I'll ignore that,no he couldn't get a boner.
Cousin:I'm not suprised at your prices!
Aimie:Shut up,what wrong with him?
Cousin:Well he has a boyband addiction, so trying singing some westlife or dressing up as Louis Walsh
by Eisel Dier April 01, 2007
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