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They are a type of women's underwear that look like men's shorts. The length will vary depending on the style, some will not go down to the hips. They are an alternative to Granny Panties. Pretty hot.
"Look I even got some pictures on my phone
Look at there, there she is with some boy shorts on"

-R. Kelly - Same Girl (feat. Usher)
by chinaman510 May 15, 2007
149 23
The female exquivalent of boxers. Much tighter and shorter. Exposes aprx. half the ass.
While not as exposing as a thong boyshorts are still sexy
by TaintedAngles July 09, 2004
295 65
(Don't let the name fool you)
They are the hottest piece of female lingerie. They are like a push-up bra for you ass, check out the Victoria Secret catalogs, you'll see what I mean..... You Get Sprung!!
Damn, check out that ass!
Must be the boyshorts....
by White Bootiologist July 01, 2005
209 29
forget thongs and g-strings those are slutty and ugly now say hello to BOYSHORTS!!! girl could be 250 pounds and if she has some boyshorts on i would hit it... flat out they that damn fine!
got to love boyshorts
by joey November 02, 2004
149 73
Women's panties that remind me of the tighty whities my mom bought for me when I was a kid.
Boyshorts are nowhere near as sexy as a thong - they cover up too much...
by greekmonkey March 17, 2004
22 236