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Engaging in anal sex inside a box, preferably cardboard.
My girlfriend surprised me with a box of chocolates for valentines day.
by SeaChel Whimsical September 18, 2010
A mysterious box of candy (can be heart-shaped) in which one never picks the actual chocolates with confidence.
Yuck! After eating the chocolate with orange filling, I'm going to have to eat another 7 or 8 of these from the box of chocolates to wash down that nasty aftertaste.
by G Z April 07, 2009
What Forest Gump's mother says life is like.
Forest Gump's mother: 'Life is like a box of chocolates.. ya neva know what you're gonna get!'
by HappyHippieHugs April 29, 2007
Over the course of a day, go out and eat a bunch of different foods. Preferably un-healthy, turd influencing foods like white castle, taco bell, etc. Make sure to mix it up. Let it set for a while then go to someones house that you want to surprise with a specail gift. Take a dump in the master bathroom, do not flush, and close the lid. Then leave the house. The next person to open the lid gets the "box of chocolates" meaning, they never know what they're going to get.
My ex-girlfriend dumped me so I gave her a specail box of chocolates.
by coolrob March 26, 2010
The "Box of Chocolates" is simply defined as taking a number two directly into a woman's vagina. If done properly the feces should transfer smoothly, never seeing the light of day.
"Yo, that bitch was wild, she let me give her the box of chocolates!"
by Adam Fuller February 09, 2005
Box of Chocolates is a name given to a phenomenon often encountered on the Internet, be it in dating services, Myspace, college forums like, or anywhere where users can submit a picture of themselves for viewing. Box of chocolates refers to a picture submitted by one of these users that lacks captioning to inform the viewer of which person in the picture they are.

The coining of this term references a 1994 film adaptation, Forrest Gump, wherein the main character Forrest is sitting on a bench next to someone, and conveys to them a lesson of life that his mother taught him: "Life is like a box of chocolates: You never know what you're going to get." And much like that box of chocolates, when looking at the group picture of this individual, you never know which one you're dealing with, be it the hot chick, or one of her fattie friends surrounding her, making her look good by proxy.
"Maaan, got a Box of Chocolates here..."

"Seriously, dude, I hope for your sake it's not the one with the hooked nose..."
by Professor Dookie January 28, 2007
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