An unattractive woman with overly large (presumably fake) breasts who flaunts them for attention. Of significant importance to the "bowser" designation is the presence of a jacked-up face (too much botox, a dead tooth, a weird mole, leathery skin, etc.) with the pair of obnoxiously large, sometimes veiny or misshapen, breasts which are barely contained in a tank top that's a size too small anyway.
Jay: "Yeah man, the last time we were at the Toledo Hooters we definitely missed their "A" squad."

Dave: "Yeah. Bunch of fuckin' bowsers working that night."
#ugly #implants #hooters #jacked-up #fake tits #unattractive
by SandtownHustle January 04, 2011
Noun: Australian slang for a petrol pump.
I can't believe the price of petrol at the bowser.
#petrol #pump #car #gas #australian
by Chris Medcraft December 27, 2005
Synonyms: Goodbye, later, peace.

Why? Probably because Bowser always comes at the end of most every Mario game. Don't over-think it.
Friend: "See you later, man."

You: "Bowser."
#farewell #goodbye #later #peace #boogie
by Ling Blinger July 01, 2013
Bowser is a turtle, dragon, ox mix. he breaths fire, has 10 spiked on his green shell thats lined in white, he has red-orange hair, a spiked collar with 9 spikes on it, and spiked metal cuffs on his biceps, and wrists with 6 spikes each, he has two fangs hanging down snaggletoothed, he has 6 on the top and 6 on the bottom totaling 12 teeth, he has a tan puffy snout with a cleft chin (verry sexy) his skin is yellow but oddly his head is not leaving people to wonder how that happened, his skin is rough kinda like a dinosaurs skin, he can go inside his sheel although it may not seem like it and he CAN take his shell off. he had red-orange eyebrows and red eyes. he can breath fire and is quite in shape but slow at running and gets around by flying in his koopa clown car. Bowser species is called koopa, he has 8 children, from oldest to youngest (this is a guess) Ludwig, Morton jr., Roy, Larry, Iggy, Lemmy, Wendy, and Bowser jr., theyre have been rumors that his wifes name is Clawdia. he is obviously in love with peach, but ahe isn't the mother of any of the children. he is king of the Dark Lands right there on the same little continent as the Mushroom Kingdom. he has many minions thatwould take to long to name them all off. but there you go, thats bowser in a nutshell hope i didn't forget anything beside the face that hes the main boss in most of the mario games.
Bowser is the bees knees! lol
#bowser #boser #king bowser #lord bowser #mario #luigi #koopa
An alcoholic drink. Half Fireball Whiskey (or any other cinnamon whiskey) and Half Sprite. It gets its name from the fact that the character Bowser shoots 'fireballs' from his mouth and Bowser is a character from a videogame which means that he has a 'sprite'.
Yes, I would like a Bowser please. I am really in the mood for something with cinnamon in it.
#koopa #drink #mixed drink #beverage #alcohol #drank
by Zephry December 23, 2013
The famous Dinosaur villain from Mario Brothers. Bowser does whatever he wants, whenever he wants and Mario and the gang just have to put up with it. Bowser is the man.
Luigi: Hey Mario, what happened to you last night?
Mario: Bowser showed up and f***ed with me.
#koopa #king koopa #lord bowser #king bowser #giant lizard
by CHIPHIBEEF March 16, 2010
While this is indeed the name of the bad dude from mario, this word is commonly used in New Zealand when referring to the object you use to smoke marijuana when having spots. Some merely call this the spotting bottle, we, however, are more inventive.
Hey man, pass the bowser you fiend
#bowsa #bauser #spotting bottle #spots #weed
by AngeNZ August 08, 2006
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