1) A mario video game villian.

2) A kid in serious need of a shaving, who needs to put down the flannel and stop wearing pajama pants.
Bowser, either you shave off that dirtstache or I'll wax it off. I mean it.
by twat. February 19, 2007
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A beast known as Super Mario's TRUE nemesis. This turtle-like creature first appeared on the very first Super Mario game for the old-school Nintendo and was first known as the demon king turtle but later was changed to king Bowser. in Japan and to some ignorant folks in the USA call him Koopa.

He is often overlooked of his powers since his diabolical appearence sporting long spikes from his shell, horns on his head, and razor sharp teeth on a body known to be only muscle.

He is such a powerful creature that it does not fit my mind how can Mario woop his @$$!?

Throughout the many games he has been in, he has been known to breath fire in many fashions, levitiate from the ground, become invisible for short periods of time, run extremely fast, and has brute strength to back him up. He has been known to be a wizard for all these things since he is an expert at wand handling and the ablity to control a large mass of individuals to oversee his kingdom. His technical skills are superb since he has created many machines throughout his life trying to kick Mario's sorry @$$. He has survived many of the things Mario has done to him including surviving many pitfalls, lava pools, and explosions while using his machines. He is a master theif and is capable of entering worlds through holograpghic paintings to steel golden stars.

Bowser will never die and the day he dies is the day Mario dies too.
Bowser: I shall tear off your flesh in tiny strips and take out your heart while you are still watching and I shall wear it as a necklace! BWA HA HA HA!
Mario: (Bounces on Bowser's head and pulls switch to drop Bowser on some hot lava)
Bowser: OWWW! AWWW!!! We shall meet again!!
Mario: (Recieves a golden star) YAY!
by leebal May 10, 2006
The famed turtle-like creature popularized in such video games as Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3. This is the pre-royalty title of the villian. He lived with his parents until he was 25, brooding on his own inadequacy. When he inherited his rich grandmothers isolated castle located past Koopa infested deserts, caves, and mountains, he decided it was time to look for company. His obsession with Princess Peach eventually led to him meeting Mario Mario and they instantaneously became rivals for her affection. But we all know it is Luigi Mario who does all the work.
No you suck.
"Bowser!!!!! Take out the trash!!!!"
by Luigi Mario March 07, 2005
Someone that looks exactly like their dog.
Look at that bowser over there.
by iloveyouman123 April 19, 2009
Synonym for boss. Ain't no boss like Bowser.
Bro, been hitting those spreadsheets like a Bowser all day.

As Bowser I be telling these koopas what to do 365.
by cwalkingozzy August 02, 2012
A very ugly looking girl.

(Usually when she is spotted the theme music from the dungeon level of the game is hummed)
"Check out that chick..she's a total Bowser"!
by Andy Sl April 03, 2007
a koopa that hates mario and luigi and wants peach
Bowser: Bah! i hate those pesky plumbers!, they always ruin my plans! why cant i have peach just once?
by a person that hates mario alot April 13, 2010
a SUPER quiet loner type of guy. never talks, even when he's with his group of the few friends he has. makes situations awkward with only his presence & when he does say something everybody listens. also has a distinct smirk when he smiles.
This Guy: Oh, hey, Bowser.

Bowser: ...

That Guy: Don't mind him, he doesn't say much.
by br0seph April 06, 2010
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