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A town located in Clarington, where there is absolutely nothing to do.
Matt:"I have to go to Bowmanville this weekend."
Corey:"That sucks! Have fun doing nothing!"
by rachelbilson22 September 18, 2008
A small town with absolutly nothing to do except for egging people, smoking weed and going to Mcdonalds. Everyone in this town is either a pothead, slut or pregnant.
Wanna go get high and go to Mcdonalds?
Obviously, what else is there to do in Bowmanville
by stupidmitt June 13, 2010
A hick town comprised mainly of trailer-trash girls, white "gangsters", homeless people, and other people that aren't worth your time.
The only two things that you can do in Bowmanville is work out, and go to the movies.
"You live in Bowmanville?"
"Yeah, unfortunately."
by |\/| 4 August 11, 2008