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A cuss word used in the world of bowlers, often when a spare is missed or when somebody is telling an exaggerated bowling story. Interchangeable with bullshit.
Person 1: So, I got a 7-10 split three times in one game the other day...

Person 2: Oh, come on, you're bowlshittin' me.
by DC111 March 01, 2009
1) n. Lies about anything weed related, namely about how much you smoked or what you did while stoned.

2) v. To smoke a bowl while taking a shit.
1) Jim: One time, I smoked half an ounce to myself in one sitting.
Bill: Man, that's bowlshit!

2) "Man, I had to take a shit halfway through my bowl, yesterday, so it ended up being a half-bowlshit."
by A wise toker December 20, 2009
The last couple hits in the bottom of the bowl, usually tastes like shit.
scotty-dude you wanna cash this?
will-bowl shit?
will-all you dude.
by Skeezey January 03, 2010
The cashed weed in the botom of your bowl.
Guy 1:"Here see if you can get a hit from this".

Guy 2:"No dude thats bowl shit i cant get anything".
by blafricanese March 20, 2011