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A word used to sarcastically acknowledge ones attempts at dispelling knowledge relating to a field in which he himself has no knowledge/expertise.

The word could also be used in situations where the speaker voices out an obvious answer or opinion
Example 1:
Arvind: When will it be a low tide?
Tarun: Not yet
Arvind: "Bowl-Diya" yaar

In the above example tarun voices an obvious answer

Example 2:

Arvind: Are there any corals in the place where we plan to dive
Tarun: There are no corals in the whole south china sea
(Under cicrumstances where corals were seen just the same morning in a dive close-by)
Arvind: Landure(Pet name for Tarun) ne toh Bowl-Diya yaar!

In the above case Bowl diya us used sarcastically as tarun has no idea whatsoever of the south china sea.
by sidd0011 March 30, 2012