To eat a chick out is to have a bowl of soup.
I went down on that bitch for a bowl of soup. The soup was off so i told that bitch to hit the showers
by Davo Brain August 04, 2005
Top Definition
When a woman has sexual relations with more that three partners in one day. All partners must ejaculate inside said woman creating a sloppy mess which leaks out and smells something like a seafood stew.
After the frat party, Sally was anxious to get home to douche out her bowl of soup.
by Hot Hippy December 27, 2010
When you are having a circle jerk and when everyone is about to finish you all ejaculate into one bowl. You then give it to a homeless man and tell him it is a cup of soup.
Man, that was so dope when we gave that homeless man a bowl of soup.
by Bernard Cumguzzler August 16, 2014
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