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Middle class majority public school located in Austin, Texas. Arguably one of the hardest, ugliest, and basically worst schools to go to in all of Austin in terms of many reasons; not to mention the select FEW quality teachers, admins (Who very obviously do not know how to run a student-friendly school), and counselors that work there. Also known for the cocksucker cops who LOVE to ticket and bust students with no intent of wrongdoing for any bullshit reason they very well fucking please. Getting in trouble with the school goes anywhere from having a cell phone out anytime and anywhere during the day for reasons that only a moron prick could understand, to leaving campus as a junior and below being basically forced to eat the shitty food they serve.
As far as the student body is concerned, you'll find that a good portion of the students who go to this school are pretty chill, funny, or enjoyable people. However, the "rest" of the school's population is mostly composed of: immature underclassmen, posers/fake people, douche-bags, total bitches, whores, snitches, wannabe gangsters, annoying people, weird kids, emos, unattractive chicks without a personality, suck-ups, boring/depressing people, etc. as opposed to almost all the rich snob spoiled assholes that go to our hated rival, Westlake.
The bottom line is that, if you wanna get into at least the University of Texas through this school, you better get ready to shoot your social life and happiness right in the head.
Ex. 1
Student 1: Wait, what the fuck? Am I in a prison?

Student 2: No, you're just in Bowie High School

Ex. 2

If you want your GPA to plummet and not get into a good college, Bowie High is the school for you!

Ex. 3

Bowie Upperclassman: Miracles do happen! I finally found a parking spot in this tiny lot that I paid $20 to get, and it only took 4 hours to find one today? That's a new record!!!

Ex. 4

Bowie High: Where even smart people's GPA's go to die.

Ex. 5

In my 4 entire years there, I never saw a legit fist-fight... EVER
by ATX4LIFE April 30, 2010
a place where your happiness goes to die
friend 1: Im going to bowie high school next year
friend 2: lol it will destroy your soul
by sostfu October 26, 2015
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