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When Miss.Bowe talks to you!
Miss.Bowe: "Did anyone see the simpsons last night?"
Kid: "Yeah, that was funny."
Miss.Bowe: "You're on detention aren't you??"
Kid: "Yeah"
Miss.Bowe: "Well you've got another one from me for that smirk! On Friday night! Do you like Friday night detentions?"

Me: "Unlucky, mate. You just got the Bowe treatment!"
by Peter Adams January 24, 2004
When someone puts you down, insults you or stresses on you for no reason. Usually caused by the female menstrual cycle (set to 'heavy flow').

Occurs in men who just want to be absolute bastard. Also known as 'Cain Treatment'
Person One: "You bastard! I hate you and never want to see you again! No-one ever calls me 'nice' and gets away with it"

Person Two: "Ok, ok, just lay off the Bowe Treatment!"
by Daniel Winter July 01, 2004
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