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#1 Drug dealing' spot in NH (I89 and I93 meet here, buyers are able to come easily from Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts).

Stereotypically known as very wealthy town. One town joke is that the school cop car is a Lincoln SUV so that it will fit in with the cars the high school students drive.

Generally a good place to raise children and have a family, as long as your children don't get eaten by the foxes, Fischer cats, moose, bear, etc.

Teenagers either party all the time (alcohol and weed are very present at the parties), or work a lot to earn money so they can do more interesting things with their free time.
We can get the best drug deals in Bow, NH.

Those spoiled brats that go to high school in Bow, NH party all the time, and when they get kicked out of the National Honor Society because of partying, their wealthy parents hire a lawyer and threaten to sue the school.
by Mr. Franky Jr. November 13, 2011
A small town located near Concord. Good things about Bow: Quiet neighborhoods and good people. Bad things about Bow: Annoying police and those damn birds that suck. Overall, it is a all around great place.

Not a lot to do, but still a good area for raising kids, because of the good school system and the relatively nice enviroment.

The winters are cold and the summers are HOT. The weather is really great for all experiences.
New Mom: "Let's move to Bow, NH!"
New Dad: "Great idea! I hear it's great at Bow, NH!"
by Tomeroni10 March 21, 2011
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