bowwow is sexy and a fine boy
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
foine as hell,sexy,and pretty eyes!
sexy as hell!
by Mrs.Moss March 11, 2004
He is a 17 year old heart-throb with pretty eyes, sexy voice, and a nice take on life!!! He is a current rap artist on a rise in the teen industry. He has topped tha charts in many ways, as a young artist!
Bowwow is a teenage super-star!!!
by Nicole j. July 16, 2004
Bitter Old Woman WithOut Wisdom
Driving down the street or going into stores, we see too many sour-pus old women. If they were smarter...hence, more wisdom....they would smile and "catch more bees with honey". Now you can say, "There goes a BOW-WOW".
by revdrrenee July 06, 2010
Bowwoww is a sexy young man that loves to have fun and has a way with the ladies. He also has beautiful eye's.
He is a possitive role model
mmm... mm.. good
by bowwow\'swife November 06, 2003
I don't know what the fuck these people are talking about. Bow Wow is a pretty damn good rapper with good songs like Fresh Azimiz and Let Me Hold You. He's very good for a rapper his age, and the other people who say he sucks are just jealous since they can't rap for shit. Just because he doesn't really rap about the streets doesn't mean he sucks. It's just his own style to rap about other topics.
Bow Wow really knows how to treat a lady like Ciara.
by Rad-J February 21, 2006
a slang term for sex
yea, this weekend ryan and i finally made bow wow...!
by samantha May 06, 2004

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