the clinical way of saying "bullshit"
Person A: "I don't lie, I always tell the truth"
RESPONSE: "that's that bovine fecal matter right there..."
by DocCullors March 23, 2012
Top Definition
Bovine, meaning something has qualities of an ox/cow; bull.
Fecal Matter, obviously is "poop".
When combined, it serves as a lovely way to say "Bullshit."

Also, an abbreviation (BFM) can be used.
Mom: "You're grounded. You should have cleaned your room before you went clubbing."

Me: "Mom, that is bovine fecal matter and you know it."

"Hey, did you hear our football team lost because the ref didn't pay attention? Total BFM."
by eastlakehigh07 October 08, 2009
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