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A more proper term to describe a professional bullshitter. One who brags constantly and unnecessarily. "Bovine" referring to cattle (i.e. Bull), and "Scatologist" (one who analyzes excrement).
Bill: "What this I hear about you and Tom getting it on last night?"

Mary: "Don't believe everything Tom tells you. I asked him to gave me a ride home. That's all. He's just BSing you."

Bill: "Now you wouldn't be accusing good ol' Tom of being a bullshitter, would you?"

Mary: "No, let's just say that Tom is a Bovine Scatologist."
by canoncocker April 29, 2006

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It is one who enjoys playing with cow shit/
My friend friend majored in Computer Science and became a bovine scatologist.
by Bo Welch January 25, 2005