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The only UN Secretary General to serve only one term. Served before Kofi Annan.

He has, quite possibly, the coolest name ever name ever.
Top Ten Boutros Boutros-Ghali Pick-up Lines (Letterman):

10. Can I can I buy you a drink a drink?

9. The nations are united -- why not you and me?

8. I'm the man so nice they named me twice!

7. I'm so depressed about the unstable world situation that I really don't think I should spend tonight alone

6. You were fabulous in 'Basic Instinct,' Ms. Stone

5. It must be fate -- you don't have any boutroses, and I've got one to spare!

4. I have the complete line of general foods international coffees back at my place

3. In your honor, I'm declaring 1994 the international year of the babe

2. Want to have sex, Madonna?

1. I've got a peacekeeping force in my pants
by The Black Vegetable March 22, 2005
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