A very hairy unkept vagina.
She needs to shave that boush
by Cellardoor May 31, 2005
Top Definition
(noun) bou-shes
1. The plural use of incredibly full and awesome bushes;ultra bushes
2. The highest authority of the bush family
"Wow, I wish I had some boushes that are as thick and full as the kind you have on your front lawn. All I have are some rose bushes at my house. I'm genuinely envious."
by peanut butta April 21, 2010
a mixture between someone who is a doush and also a bitch.
Only a boush would talk shit and then run away.
by Jo R. Jones October 16, 2009
pure raunchiness in every possible way

boush animals- two people getting it on in front of a room full of people
The coolest person evar. He pwns everyone! Watch out for his l33t pwning power.
"Wow, Boush r teh pwn."
by TheJesus November 10, 2003
A fool that is very l33t and h4x0rz the nubz0rz.
Jeff Hensel is BousH
by Syed November 10, 2003
The leader of the Buosehen larynx tribe, whos larynxi are very tasti.

See also - Bub.
One fish, two fish, red fish, boush fish.
by Velkairn December 09, 2003
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