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A flakey ass mo-f&@ker who lies about hanging out with his girlfriend.
Ya, he pulled a real Bouse on us.
by Anonymous24794 November 14, 2011
5 36
To be #1, the best. To be sick wit it. To be incredible.
Please see Lagtv or Maximusblack for more example's of being Bouse!
by Ferrimus July 25, 2011
485 79
1. to be the best of the best at everything. You are superior over all others in every field and other people worship you. You are everything everyone wants to be.
That guy is so Bouse. He can lick dirt off the ground and still be cool.

Tony is so bouse that everyone wants to be his friend.
by THE bouse May 10, 2009
100 30
1. To be cool, off the chains.

2. Or when some one makes a really good comeback.
1. Dude that guy was so bouse i want to hang with him.

2. (Bobby) Dude, you are the ugliest thing I have ever seen!!!!
(Quinn) at least im not a freak that stalks Kevin Federline and makes out with my dog!!!!! (tyrone) ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that was BOUSE
by bryan d May 14, 2008
89 38
unimaginable cool or awesome, to be on the verge of superiority. Divine, of sacred divinity.
That group is so awesome they should be called bouse.

Dude that bouse kid is amazing.
by bouse shadow July 10, 2008
44 20
To be awesome as fuck; incredible.
You just ate that cheeseburger like a bouse son.
Nichole and Kaity are bouses.
by Nikki McPhee November 14, 2011
22 8
A group of brothers, to exemplify a particular stupid act of a gang!!
u stupid bouse!! or man these guys are right bouses
by 'Nikky' November 06, 2005
8 5
Pronunciation-(like "house" with a B instead of the H)

-An adjective to define someone or something as pure-fucking awesomeness

-A group that possesses individuals with a superior sense of justice, logic, and rationality. Each member possesses their own unique skill-set, in which they excel greatly and have no equal

-Commonly mistaken for "Boose" or "Boss" from the song "Like a Boss"
Dude! Today I got promoted, had a threesome, won the jackpot, and fucked-up Chuck Norris! This day can only be described with one word.....Bouse!
by Just a Bouse May 14, 2011
11 17