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A drink originating from Columbus Ohio. It involves an orange and blue cocktail which changes to scarlet and grey once Bourbon is added.

It is rumored the concoction will eventually be fueled by the tears of Michigan fans shattered dreams.
Bartender! Another Bourbon Meyer please! The Buckeyes just won another National Championship!
by Benny1985 November 29, 2011
A whiskey/bourbon cocktail named in honor of the current University of Florida football coach, Urban Meyer. Formulas vary, but my personal favorite is:

(on the rocks in a pint glass)

Bourbon - 3 shots
Lime juice - 1 shot

Fill the rest of the glass with half sweet tea, half Coca-Cola.

I got so drunk on Bourbon Meyers at the Tennessee tailgate that I don't remember the first half!
by ramma jamma July 26, 2008

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