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The edible art of boubon balling: pour a shot of chocolate syrup into one's mouth, dip your lover's balls into Whisky Bourbon, insert the boubon soaked balls into the chocolate filled mouth. Gargle, swish, and swallow; it's a delightfully sweet and salty treat!
*Warning: May casue a burning sensation on testicles*
Dick: My girlfriend totally bourbon balled me last night!
Jane: I love my boyfriend's bourbon balls!
by Jboydance February 04, 2010
The inability to ejaculate (cum/jizz) after a period of heavy drinking. This ailment is related to , but seperate from Whiskey Dick, in that the aforementioned only restricts ejaculation, not erection, which it greatly enhances.
She fucked my dick off last night, but I couldn't cum cause I had Bourbon Balls.
by Kentucky Gentleman April 03, 2011
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