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The act of getting a handful of traffic tickets from a cop.
Either because he's trying to get a quota, or you acted like an arse and deserved it.
I got stopped the other day for speeding. He ended up nailing me for a burnt headlight, no seatbelt, and an old insurance card. I got the bouquet.
by Bernie Lomax February 24, 2009
The act of grabbing one's penis and testicles from their bases. By protruding each from the top of your tightened fist, the end result should resemble that of a bouquet of flowers.
"Man, I'm really enjoying this group text right now."

"Bouquet them and let them know!"
by Thrillah May 29, 2012
Bouquet is the one of the known gift for your loved one.Althought it's fashion never ends
Bouquets can have any beautiful kind of flower
by Kittyfun1002 January 09, 2009
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