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1.To have sex with someone while bouncing.

2.To want to get jiggy with it.

3. Moving sexually while dancing.

Made famously by Amber on the Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen channel, when she was describing what she would do to a hot guy.
Cookie wants to bounce up on it with your brother.
by krzdhc07 March 24, 2009
to "bounce up on it" means that you find a certain person physically attractive and would enjoy having intercourse with them. the opposite: kick it to the curb
" DAMN!?!? that guy is so sexy, I'd bounce up on it"
by brodygoat March 27, 2009
1.) Having sex with someone.

2.) Gettin it on

3.) Hittin it

4.) Gettin some!
1.)You look hella good, Can I bounce up on it?

2.) Dang girl, can I bounce up on it?

3.) I know you wanna bounce up on it!
by southjerz77 May 30, 2009
1. The act of getting jiggy with it!

2. The desire to dance sexually on a person or an inanimate object!

3. An expression used when you are at a lost of words
a. A catch phrase
1. This is my jame, wanna bounce up on it?

2. You lookin good girl, i would bounce up on it!

3. Would you like to bounce up on it?
by damenb March 28, 2009
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