1. a word that can take the place of any word in a sentence, especially if it is not appropriate at the time or place; a euphemism word
2. sometimes used for confusion of newcomers in a group conversation
instead of
"Damn, I wanna fuck that guy."
"Damn, I wanna boulton that guy."
by BD Ninja February 07, 2006
Top Definition
1. An angry outburst, especially one that gets lots of attention. Named after Adam Boulton, of Sky News fame, who lost his temper after being provoked by Alistair Campbell live on TV.
Usage: He heard something he didn't like and did a Boulton!
by JJKebab May 11, 2010
a Boulton can mean either one of two things

1) A socially retarded person with eyes like a fish. Says awkward things and likes samosas.


2) The biggest pimp this side of p diddy. Sick at sports (like table tennis) and a playa at scoring the chicks (especially small ones).

Originates from the first Milky Bar Kid whose name was Boulton. Originally quite annoying and awkward he eventually grew up to be a dubstep artist.
Dude: Man you're such a boulton!
Man: Dude there's no need for that!
Dude: Nah I meant the good kind of boulton Man!
Man: Thanks Dude!
by mrblondeproductions May 03, 2011
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