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A completely bougie/snobbish person who looks down on people below him/her. Typically involves a full look up and down and then a scowl.
Person A: "Did you see what Stephanie was wearing today?"

Bougie-Bitch: "You mean that $5 top from Target? Yea, I saw it. I'd rather wear something from clearance at Nordstroms than be caught dead in that piece of shit!"
by Resident Bougie April 10, 2009
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fancy ass hoes who wear prada beanies and givenchy sunglasses to vons and gelsons , typically after a hangover grabbing a 1L gatorade and a few store bought maple glazed donuts.
Damn Gina, look at Marina in that corner buying the 2 for 1 expired donuts with that brown birkin, she is one bougie bitch"
by bougiebelle February 01, 2017
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