Somthing or a situation that is really sick or disgusting
That shirt is really bouge.
by Courtneyccr July 03, 2006
Chronic smoke to your dome.
hey guys, lets go bouge.
by WillfromBC May 08, 2006
To get or to take an object

Hey man, can I bouge one of these t-shirts? (As seen in the movie Airheads, said by Pip played by Adam Sandler)

Yeah I like the new cd, I need to bouge a copy.

Yeah I just bouged a new spicy chicken sandwich from McDonalds.
by Big Luke March 07, 2006
AH yOoOO itz like when im bougin with you my indian mama
the indian bouge and says YYYYEYYYE
by sean quigley February 09, 2004
very very bright colors that pop out at ya, such as neon lights, over-saturated colors on an LCD screen, or someone's yellow t-shirt in sunlight
Whoa! That background is really bouge!
by Dalboz July 28, 2003
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