(n) A Device which is used to cover the smell of Marijuana. Usually made out of a paper towel roll stuffed with dryer sheets.
If your going to smoke in your dorm, be sure to use a Bouf.
by Jimmy Stizzle September 03, 2005
Top Definition
Bouf 1.(v.): to have sex, fuck, do the good thing on the bad leg.

2.(adj.): to describe someone or something as fuckable.
1.) "I'd bouf the hell out of your mom Jason Miller because she is fucking hot."
2.) "How does that girl look?"
"She's kind of a butterface, but still very boufable."
by snagglepuffin March 15, 2005
Long pubic hair on a woman, usually completely untrimmed. Abbreviation of 'bouffante'.
"She had a right bouf on her"
"I wouldn't go down on a bouf like that."
by Chez Lez May 31, 2007
a term used to define a sexual act of thrusting. To "hump", or "bang".
Dude, you see that blonde chick over there with the tight butt and cute boobs? Your brother said he wants to bouf her, but who doesn't?!?
by E-Dawg straight outta' da hood October 27, 2006
something you say when somebody fuck up or get dissed.
yo boy walkin and fall in front of this fine ass girly. You yell out BOUF!
by Yung Buck June 26, 2004

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