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noun. A portmanteau of "bourgeois" and "douchebag." A douchebag whose attitudes are amplified by their bourgeois lifestyle. Not to be confused with a yuppie, though many yuppies can be defined as such.
1: "There's nothing better than fine wine, you fucking simpleton. Now excuse me while I head off to Starbucks in my hybrid SUV..."

2: "Bouchebag!"

1: "Piss off!"
by the infinite wonder October 09, 2009

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A loud obnoxious virgin freshman that loves to pound ducks. Probably chews tobacco as much as a wilga.
Guy #1- Did you hear that freshman yelling at the football game yesterday?

Guy #2- Ya he was such a Bouche-Bag
by DaFatMan66 September 08, 2009