Simply the phrase douche bag but with the starting of the letters switched around.
"Your a bouche dag!"
by Rudy L July 14, 2006
Top Definition
A person of significantly low mental status, originating from douche bag. The letters are switched to signify that the person being insulted is even more retarded than a douche bag.
That guy is even more stupid than a douche bag, he's a bouche dag.
by Frederick Chompkins June 04, 2007
Rhymes with douche bag.

From the French word bouche which means mouth, and the Australian dag, which means sheep turd. A shit eater.
Smith: That bouche dag just cut me off!
Jones: What do you expect? This is I-95.
by england phi beta gamma October 12, 2008
An accidental pronunciation error of the derogatory term "douche bag", usually spoken when one is extremely intoxicated and attempts to insult another person in their drunken state.
Did you see that guy's hair? What a bouche dag! Errrrr...... You know what I meant!
by DGKB August 15, 2013
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