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Last name of French descent which is totally kickass.
People with the last name Bouchard are usually called "Bouche" which is a French word for "mouth".
Did you hear about Bouchard at the State Championship? He fucking pwned everyone!
by allyxbaby August 23, 2008
An amazing family; a family where the mom is awesome, the dad is hilarious, the son is handsome and the sisters are lovely and fun
We had so much fun with them, they are definitely Bouchards!
by nighttypewriter February 10, 2009
A strain of flavored weed that is so dank that one can only taste and smell the flavor of it. AKA Lemon Skunk that smells like pure lemons and tastes like pure lemons, or Mango Kush that taste like pure mangoes and smells like pure mangos
Yo Nigga you got some of dat bouchard?!?!
Ya Nigga I got some Lemon Skunk!!

Yo I got some Mango Bouchard!
Yo Nigga! Kush or Skunk?!
Mango Kush Nigga!
by Keith+Joe November 13, 2010
Ugly sarcastic hippie child who doesn't know the meaning of personal hygiene. Has antisocial tendencies and smells like vasaline!
Dude, that kid is such a bouchard, his mom has to check to make sure he changes his boxers everyday cause one time he wore the same ones for a month!
by mofoin hottie! May 13, 2006
someone who is white trash
Get 'r done is a bouchard term, therefore if you use it, you are a bouchard.
by TanyaMarie December 06, 2005
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