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Euphamism for fart, usually used with small children.
"Daddy, you bouched!!!"
by Doctor Potter December 20, 2011
Bed-couch the chill combo of a bed and a couch.
It is a dope place to chill in australia. especially while watching kangaroos, pineapple express, and superbad.

specks: the combination of two couches with two matresses staked on each other inbetween them.
i love spending my days chillin' on the bouch.
by chillaxinaustralia October 25, 2010
1. (n.) A piece of furniture which is both a bed and a couch.

2. A person or thing which deserves respect.

Also: Bouchin' (adj.), Boucherette (n.)
Person 1: Imma take a nap on da bouch.
Person 2: Imma sit on da bouch.

"Yo man, you my bouch!"

"Don't mess with her, she my bottom bouch."

"This bouch is pretty bouchin'. I'd even say it's a boucherette."
by Boucherette January 15, 2010
It's a bed and a couch.
I am trying to sell a futon... It has a couch, bed, and bouch settinng for all your comfort needs.
by Tamwin & Wook December 20, 2010
1. An L-shaped sectional couch that transforms into a one-level double sized bed

2. A bed sized couch.
Lazing out with some friends on the bouch today.
by Shannon Shalinie December 15, 2010
A fat and ugly guy, who has horrible dress sense, and who bitches about other people.
That guy is such a bouch, all he ever does is eat junk food and bitch about people.
by jayne ang January 17, 2010
There are two definitions for this:

1. It is a boner that hurts. Hence the b-ouch!

2. An individual gets an erection after viewing an ugly girl.
Andy gotta bouch after looking at Sully!!!
by h@yd3n March 03, 2009