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"You mean a cup-holder pocket?"
"Nah, dude! Cups could spill!"

{bot-l-hohl-der pok-it} noun, plural Bottle-holder Pockets {-its}

The netting on the outside of a backpack (bag, fanny pack, etc.) that is made specifically for holding water bottles.
Not to be confused with a "front-zipper pocket."
Slate: Hey man! Could you get my bottle of jank (jenkem) out of my backpack?
Ray man: Sure, dude.. Wait I can't find it. Are you sure it's in here?
Slate: Yeah, chief. It's in the Bottle-holder pocket.
Ray man: Oh. Jeez. Found it. Here you go.
Slate: Nah, nig. You take browns.
by refinedhippie November 02, 2012
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