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One of the hardest working bands I have ever seen, believe it or not.. Band takes displine, time managment, and a lot of work! We have been to state a few times, and are definetly advancing. Regardless of what anyone says.. ONCE, A Band Of Gold remember always a band of gold member.. No matter what uniform you wear :)
Guy 1: Hey, see that band! That's what Dedication is
Guy 2: YEAH! BOSWELl BAND OF GOLD..I like their uniforms too (; and there state badges ':D
Guy 1 : I wish I was one of them... IF ONLY!
by UnknownByTheKnown September 21, 2011
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Probably the worst marching band in the history of marching bands, and that's being nice. The Band of Gold couldn't hold a tune if you gave them a bucket. Their colorguard looks like they were hand selected out of a bag of turds. Also, they are known uniform thieves. Yeah, the two different color sleeves were OUR idea. Jerks.
Guy 1: Hey did you hear what happened to the Boswell Band of Gold?
Guy 2: Yeah! They got last place at every competition EVER.
Guy 1: Let's go watch The Spirit of Saginaw Band. I hear they ROCK!
by FuzzysTacos July 21, 2011
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