A relationship with a strong emotional bond between two people based on friendship. It transcends a typical friendship, but is not romantic. People in a Boston Marriage can be any combination of sexual orientations and genders and is not exclusive to just two people and it's possible to have multiple Boston partnerships.
My best friend and I are in a Boston marriage; we love each other more than family, but are not romantically involved with each other.
by BokchoiBoy January 20, 2012
Top Definition
A Boston marriage is a polite term to describe two women living in a household and sharing expenses, whether in a Platonic or lesbian relationship.
Molly and Bridgit were in a Boston marriage and co-owned a brownstone.
by Nora O'Shaughnessy November 07, 2007
Two lesbians living together in a non-sexual or sexually ambiguous relationship.
Barb and Judy sleep in seperate beds--it's a Boston marriage.
by Will J. Pa. May 12, 2006
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