A group 3 or more people who engage in dumping "Iced Tea" on each other's chests. This practice is similar to crapping on one's ches
The other day Nate and Brent asked Lindsay to come over for a Boston Tea Party. One of them messed it up by eating corn the day before.
by Sharts August 31, 2007
When a man is standing over a woman while she is facing away from him on her knees and the man streches his scrotum to cover the woman's eyes. Part of the Colonial Times sexual moves.
"I can't believe Ben Reilly gave me a Boston Tea Party! It really got my bonch in a twist!"
by Babyballs October 06, 2006
a sexual act originating in Britain. The act involves masturbating while taking a shit, stopping mid push and using the turd as a dildo. Origin is attributed to the fact that the Boston Tea Party in Britains eyes was trouble makers in the colonies "stirring the shit"
" The Warder loves a boston tea party" "I've been eating lots of fibre lately, i'm gonna have a great boston tea party later"
by yergirl May 05, 2010
A Gathering in which a group of people Tea Bag one person. A gangbang specializing in The hanging of testicales over ones face.
For not having testicles of her own, Janet compensated by having John, James, Rick, and Daniel hang all over her face.
by Nick December 20, 2004
when a group of gentlemen take turns tea bagging an unsuspecting victim usually the victim is sleeping
"In stead of having anal sex we just boston tea partied my sleeping cat"
by Francisco Attardo April 15, 2003
The most extreme form of a tea bag: when a duude is able to successfully fit his entire testes satchel into a chick's asshole.
"Awww nigga, nuts in the ass and dick in the pussy"
by abcg May 09, 2005
When you find a girl on her period, and take her bloody tampon and dip it in your tea like a tea-bag.
"Man, nothing spices up my tea like some vagina blood. I love the Boston Tea Party."
by askdjhfas May 07, 2007

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