When a male shits on on a females chest while cumming in her mouth.
thats messy
by kuc62 October 06, 2003
Top Definition
When a man takes a shit on a woman's chest in between her tits, and then proceeds to titty fuck her.
After Samuel took the shit on his girlfriend's chest, he placed his member on the shit and between her breats, and let her have it.
by Karl March 12, 2004
When you take a shit on your partners chest and ride it in
Bob - "She did the Boston steamroller"
Phil- "and what the hell is that?"
Bob- its when they take a shit on your chest and ride it flat"
Phil- "gross man freaking gross"
by Eskimo_grl January 20, 2012
a rare occurence when you're really drunk off doing jameson shots at a bar and hog a fat irish chick. as you're doing her anally, she starts falling backwards and crushes you as she starts to duce on your shaft. that's when know you've been boston steamrolled!
after doing 7 shots of jameson, I recalled taking home this chick. her name was jenny mcnasty. when I woke up, she was still on top of me, crushing my body, as she weight over 150lbs. my dick was still in her ass and when she got up, there was shit all over my waist. that was when I knew I had been subject to the boston steamroller.
by hung lo for life November 29, 2008
When a man receives a blowjob whilst taking a dump. The combined pleasure of pooping and getting head has been known to be fatal in some cases.
Right before he came in Amanda's eye, blinding her for weeks, Dack was getting a boston steamroller in the port-a-potty.
by Kenndawg January 11, 2005
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