A Major LEague Baseball team in the American League east division. This team could never compete with the New York Yankees having won 26 world championchips. boston has won only 6. And it looks like once again in the 2007 season of MLB the Sox might go on to lose the division title to the encroaching New York Yankees
Dude, the Boston Red Sox lost again.
Yeah I know man, but look at those Yankees! They won again!
by Cheesemonsta September 25, 2007
A baseball team that is always beat down by the Yankees.
Hell yeah the Boston Red Sox one a world series, now only 25 more to catch up with the yankees.
by Baraconda February 19, 2007
Second-best team that money can buy. Second-highest payroll in MLB. A supplier of top players to the Mets and Yankees. Has a fanbase whose idea of celebrating victory in the ALCS is to riot.
SHIT! The Red Sox beat the Yankees again. Better go to Grandma's house to make sure that no one's burning it down!
by AflacJack May 22, 2005

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