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the sexual act of getting your partner gassie then stretching out there butthole then putting your balls in there rectum and having them fart them out.
dude that chick i did last night had taco bell for dinner so i made her give me some Boston baked beans.
by fatcaddy May 07, 2009
To place your testicles inside a womans ass and then remove them after they have become brown and place them in her mouth.
I gave Susan a nice helping of Boston Baked Beans last night after dinner. I hope that bitch can keep the Bush's secret family recipe
by Steven Hawking and Carl Sagan December 24, 2008
Little red candy coated peanut things that often come in a little red ceramic jar.
Oh boy, I just bought some Boston Baked Beans candies, man do I love these things!
by boohiss June 04, 2004
when a broad is giving you a blowjob and you hold down her head on your wanker and rip one
man, i opend a can of boston baked beans on that tina bitch last night.
by Sykes The Savage November 16, 2006