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A sexual act that requires the male party to put on a colonial style british wig and subsequently dip his scrotal sack into a woman's mouth all while screaming "Revolution, down with King George!"
John told his wife Abigail that he would allow her to knit unbothered tomorrow if she would let him put his balls betwixt her lips, in the form of a Boston Teabag Party.
by The Adams Brothers February 09, 2011
When your having a big party and u teabag drunk bitches
Dude, I got aids from the last boston tea bag party ;
by Leonard William July 06, 2006
A Boston Teabag Party is executed between two persons who are being carnal. One partner defecates on the other's scrota, then fellates said scrota.

This move was invented by Carrot Top.
Linderdouche had a Boston Teabag Party last night at his place....with his dog.
by Hank Gerald March 09, 2005
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